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Design your email

‘Beginner or experienced user? With the Sendtex ‘drag-and-drop’ system you can effortlessly create stunning and professional newsletter that fully comply with your corporate identity.
Design your email
  • Professional design

    No graphical talent? No worries! Choose one of the professional Sendtex templates and refine it as you desire. This way you can create your own stylish and convincing newsletters.

  • Corporate identity

    Would you rather make a creation with your own corporate colours? Start off with our blank template, add a header and a few colourful elements, and you are good to go!

  • Drag-and-Drop your content

    Two or three subjects in your newsletter? With or without photos? Or a large focal image on top? Drag the desired parts into place and fill them in. It could not be easier.

  • Reuse an email

    There is no need for you to keep reinventing your layout. What worked well in a previous email campaign can now easily be reused. Simply adjust the content or remove any unwanted elements.

Send your email

Design and content ready? High time to get that message publicised and out there. Sendtex will amaze you with its ease of use.
  • Make it personal

    Speak to your readers as you yourself would like to be spoken too. Use their first names? Or perhaps a more formal greeting such as Mr (or of course Mrs)? Sendtex flawlessly uses your database to generate any personal salutation.

  • Testing

    Sendtex always asks you to send a test mail. This can be sent to yourself, a colleague, a few friends or to a few people in your address book. Use their feedback to refine your message accordingly.

  • Strengthen your message

    Improving your newsletter is as simple as creating it. Click, drag, type, save and done. Retest it one last time and your message is ready for the world to see.

  • Sending

    Select the mailing list which you would like to send your newsletter to. Simply click on ‘Send’ and Sendtex does the rest. Within a few seconds, you can see the initial results in the evaluation panel.

Evaluate your email campaign

Did you receive your desired response? The Sendtex evaluation panel will have a crystal clear answer.
Evaluate your email campaign
  • Response

    In your Sendtex statistics you can see exactly who has clicked on what link in your email, as well as when and how often. Sendtex provides you with this information in the form of a pie chart or a detailed table which will include surnames and first names. Mails which cannot be delivered (bounced mails) and unsubscribes are automatically processed and implemented into a report.

  • Prospecting

    Knowing who clicked what link in your mail allows you to formulate highly focused prospecting. Especially if you know how often that person has reread your message. Don’t forget that even when a recipient is unsubscribing it provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch one more time. It provides you guaranteed valuable information.

  • Refine your target group

    People who have clicked on a particular link can be easily put together in a new directory. By doing so, you can create the ideal target group to send a very specific offer to at a later stage, perfectly tailored to their interests.

Manage your email addresses

With Sendtex you have complete control over your mailing list, and you also work fully within the parameters of international law.
Manage your email addresses
  • Making target groups

    You can create as many groups as you like. They can be on the basis of region, language, age, or any other criteria that makes sense for your communications. When you are sending your newsletter, you have the option to send it simultaneously to multiple target groups.

  • Easily import addresses

    You can import complete lists from Excel or manually add an address to a target group. Either works just as easily. Sendtex also completes an automatic check for erroneous or duplicate addresses.

  • Collecting addresses from your website

    You can also automatically add email addresses to your mailing list in Sendtex through your website. Read here how this works.

  • Automatic processing

    It provides you with guaranteed valuable information.

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