Online help

  • +Address management
    • +Can I add additional addresses to an existing list?

      This can be done manually or by importing addresses from an Excel template. If importing from Excel, select the mailing list that you wish to expand. Then click on the tab ’import contacts from Excel'.

      Caution! Please use this Excel template which can be downloaded here. Copy your data in the corresponding columns and import that file. If you try to import an address which already exists in that mailing list, Sendtex will only store the first address.

    • +Can I add addresses manually?

      You can add addresses manually by using the tab ’add an address’. This can be done in a new or existing mailing list. 

    • +Can I collect addresses from my website?

      Yes you can. Contact us via, and we will happily assist you further.

    • +Can I create multiple mailing lists or groups?

      In a free Sendtex account you can only create one mailing list. After you have purchased credits once, you may create as many email lists as you like. You can then organise your contacts into specific mailing lists or groups.

    • +Can I import email addresses?

      You can import email addresses from an Excel file. Firstly, download this Excel template and copy your data in the corresponding columns. Choose whether you would like to create a new mailing list or add the data to an existing mailing list. Finally, click on the ’import contacts from Excel’ and import your completed Excel template.

    • +Can I manually change the status of an address?

      The status of your email addresses can be adjusted manually at any time. Just select the list in which the target address exists. Click the ‘Edit’ icon BEHIND that account and select the desired status.


      The status of an email address (may/may not receive mail) is valid for all contact lists. (This refers to contacts that are listed in multiple lists).


      Tip: it is better to select the status ’cannot receive mail' rather than deleting the address. This ensures that address remains unsubscribed.

    • +Can I personalise my emails?

      You can personalise your emails via the drag and drop panel. Sendtex will then automatically insert the accurate name and/or first name of the recipient into your email.

    • +Can I send a campaign to multiple mailing lists at the same time?

      To send a campaign to multiple mailing lists at the same time, you simply select all lists which should receive your message before sending it.  In case one of your contacts appears in multiple lists, this recipient will only receive one mail instead of one per list that he is part of. 

    • +Can an address appear in multiple mailing lists?

      The same email address can appear in multiple mailing lists. The same person may indeed belong to two or more of your target groups. For example, in the lists ’Cycling enthusiasts’ and ’Seniors’. If you send the same email campaign to multiple mailing lists, Sendtex will make sure to filter out the contacts that come up more than once in order to prevent them from receiving the mail more than once. 

    • +Do invalid email addresses remain in my mailing lists?

      Invalid email addresses remain in your mailing lists, but are labelled 'bounced'. When sending a subsequent campaign, Sendtex excludes these addresses. Therefore no credits are charged for these addresses. 

    • +Do the statuses of my addresses get saved when exporting from a contact list?

      Yes, when exporting from a contact list the statuses get numerically displayed as follows:


      0= may not receive mail

      1= may receive mail

      2= non-existent address

      3= unsubscribed

      4= unsubscribed (pending)

      5= subscribed (pending)


      When importing the addresses, Sendtex will remember the corresponding number per address and therefor link it to the correct status. 

    • +Is an unsubscribed email address removed from my mailing lists?

      Unsubscribed emails remain in your mailing list but are labelled ’cannot receive mail’. When sending a subsequent campaign, Sendtex will not send an email to these addresses. You are therefore not charged any credits for these addresses.

    • +What happens to non-deliverable emails?

      If an email cannot be delivered to a certain address, the address is given the status 'bounced'. In subsequent mailings, Sendtex will not attempt to deliver your email to this address.

    • +What information can I import?

      You can import a name, surname and email address. The fields ’surname’ and ’name’ can be used to personalise your email.  

    • +Will a recipient receive an email twice if their address is in two mailing lists?

      No, in case an address appears in multiple mailing lists and one message gets sent to multiple mailing lists (where the address appears more than once), the recipient will only receive the mail once. Sendtex filters out addresses that appear more than once per mail. 

  • +Administrative questions
    • +Can I access my old invoices?

      By clicking on 'account details -> your purchases' you can view your purchase history and re-download previous invoices. 

    • +Can I transfer my purchased credits to another account?

      Credits are assigned to a specific account and cannot be transferred.

    • +Can I use Sendtex with my own company branding?

      You can use Sendtex with your own logo and branding. For further information, please contact us via

    • +Do I have to pay VAT?

      Are you located in Belgium? Then Sendtex has the standard 21% VAT charges that will apply. Is your company located elsewhere in the EU? Then Sendtex charges no VAT, providing your company holds a valid European VAT number. If your company is based outside of the EU (e.g. US) then there are no VAT charges due.

    • +Do I need to buy credits?

      You should only buy credits if you wish to send more than 500 emails per month, or if you wish to send emails using your own email address.

    • +Does Sendtex comply with European legislation (opt-in/opt-out)?

      Sendtex is in full accordance with European legislation. People receiving emails from you can unsubscribe at any time via a link that Sendtex automatically generates under each email.

    • +For how long do my credits stay valid?

      Your credits remain valid indefinitely.

    • +How do I buy extra credits?

      Click here to go to the credit purchase page. There you can select the number of credits for purchase and enter your payment details. Once payment is completed, you can get started immediately. You will receive your invoice via email, or you can download it from 'account details -> your purchases'.

    • +How much does Sendtex cost?

      Creating your Sendtex account is free. This allows you to send up to 500 emails per month free of charge. Each month, Sendtex will renew your free credits to 500. The free Sendtex emails will contain an automatically placed discrete banner.

    • +Where can I see how many credits I have used?

      By clicking 'account details -> your usage’ you can access your history and view the amount of credits used per email campaign.

  • +Frequently asked questions
    • +Can I automatically send my campaign at a specific time and date?

      Yes, you can. Whenever you are finished creating the campaign Sendtex will give you three different options of what to do next; to send the campaign immediately, to save it or to send it at a later date. 

    • +Can I send an email campaign if I have passed my credit limit

      If you do not have sufficient credits available when attempting to send a campaign to a mailing list, Sendtex will notify you prior to sending (by a message on screen). Your campaign will be saved and can be sent once you have topped up your credits. 

    • +Can I use my own email address as the sender?

      Yes, you can. However you must have bought credits at least once and have 500 payed credits available. Moreover, there are a few technical settings necessary in order to prevent your email address from being blacklisted and labelled as a spam. Contact us for further information via

    • +Does Sendtex comply with European legislation (opt-in/opt-out)?

      Sendtex is in full accordance with European legislation. People receiving emails from you can unsubscribe at any time via a link that Sendtex automatically generates under each email.

    • +How can I send emails without the Sendtex banner?

      Once you have purchased credits once, Sendtex will no longer include banners under your emails. Even if you send less than the 500 free emails in the following months, the banners will still be excluded.

    • +How often can I send email campaigns?

      You can send as many campaigns as you like to however many contacts you desire. Sendtex will always first use the 500 free credits you have available. You can therefore send four campaigns per month to 125 email addresses, or one campaign to 500 emails per month, etc. If you require more credits, they can be purchased here

    • +Where are replies to my emails sent?

      As long as you are working with a free Sendtex account, the sender of your emails will appear as This email address is only an alias which cannot be used for regular email communication. Therefore replies are sent to you via an email automatically delivered to the email address you registered with Sendtex

  • +Making an email campaign
    • +Can I add a link to my text or an image?

      It is recommended that you create a link on every inserted image (even if it is just a link to the homepage of your website). This increases the likelihood that the recipients of your email will end up on your website. To create a link, double click on the image and enter the desired URL.

    • +Can I add a unique code per contact in my campaign?

      Yes, you can. When uploading an excel document with contact details you can add a personalized code. (See example, 4th column). To have this code appear in your campaign, you should add this into the text: ###CODE###. This can be placed in one or more places throughout the campaign.

    • +Can I add unlimited content blocks?

      You are free to add unlimited content blocks to your emails. To increase the success of your email campaigns, we advise you to limit the number of paragraphs added, minimise the amount of text and always include a link to your website. 

    • +Can I also import and send HTML mails with Sendtex?

      You can import HTML mails into Sendtex yourself and send them. Contact us for more information via

    • +Can I attach a PDF to my email campaign?

      You cannot directly enclose a PDF or other files to your email campaign. However, you can make these files available via a link that leads to your website, which in turn generates increased traffic to your website.

    • +Can I delete a sent email campaign from my list?

      You can easily delete a sent email campaign from your list of sent emails. Please note that this action is irreversible. Do not delete SENT email campaigns They do not hinder or affect your usage, are a helpful reference, or can be reused fully or partially in the future. The past statistics may also be a useful resource. 

    • +Can I send my email campaign at a later point in time?


      Yes, you can. When you are finished creating the campaign and ready to send it you have 3 choices; to send the campaign straight away, to save it, or to send it at a later point in time. 

    • +Can I send my test emails to other recipients?

      You can send the test mail to yourself and also to others. Use a semicolon (;) between email addresses when sending your test to more than one recipient e.g.;;

    • +Can I test my email campaign before I send it?

      Sendtex always asks you to perform a test on your email campaign so that you can see and experience exactly what your target audience will receive. You can send the test mail to yourself and also to others. Use a semicolon (;) between email addresses when sending your test to more than one recipient e.g.;;

    • +Can the mail be viewed in a browser?

      A campaign sent with Sendtex includes a link (in the header) to view the mail via a browser. 

    • +How do I know when my campaign is sent?

      Sendtex will send you a confirmation email the moment the mail has been sent to all the addresses you selected. From that point onwards you can begin your campaign follow-up via the statistics. 

    • +How does the drag and drop system work?

      Using the drag and drop system, you simply drag new ‘content blocks’ into your email. You can determine the order of placement of the blocks and may alter them at any time. By double clicking on the text in the content block you can create your own content.

    • +To which address will the undeliverable emails be returned?

      Emails that cannot be delivered will be returned to the email address that you, as the sender, have set up. Sendtex automatically gives the address the status ’not deliverable’. They remain in your directory but are not used on subsequent campaigns. You can manually adjust the status of your email addresses at any time. 

    • +What are content blocks?

      Content blocks are pre-set blocks of information, that you can type, paste or enter images into. Therefore you require no knowledge of HTML to put together your email campaigns.

    • +What file types can I use in Sendtex mails?

      You can import images with extensions JPG, PNG and GIF. To achieve the best results when adding images, first adjust the dimensions of the image to the correct size and then add it to your template (the correct dimensions are listed in the templates). 

    • +Why is there a Sendtex banner within my sent emails?

      Sendtex adds promotional banners only to non-paying accounts. From the moment you make a purchase, banners will no longer be added to your emails, regardless of the number of credits available.


  • +Managing your email templates
    • +Can I change the background colour of my mail?

      Sendtex gives you the ability to choose a background colour that suits your corporate colours.

    • +Can I save the template I have created?

      The standard Sendtex template cannot be altered. You can duplicate this template and customise it to your own style (colours, fonts, etc.). Once you click save, Sendtex stores this in your template overview.

    • +Can I use a background image in my template?

      Background images get blocked by most of the email programs and negatively impact the readability of your email. THEREFORE you cannot use pictures or illustrations in your background. Sendtex does allow you the option of using a colour that suits your corporate image. 

    • +What can I customise in my template?

      You are able to change each Sendtex template in order to add the colours of your company. To do so you can use the colour pallets provided or by giving each individual part a colour. Font and size can be customised to your liking. You can also include your contact information within your template design. Once saved, your graphical preferences will be saved as your personal template.


      All Sendtex templates are designed to be displayed correctly in the most commonly used email programs (Outlook, Mail, and more). To achieve this, a fixed width is used that cannot be altered.

    • +What is a template?

      A template is a basic layout that can be used multiple times. This allows your recipients to immediately recognise the branding of your newsletters. Sendtex provides a standard template that can be copied, customised and saved according to your taste and company requirements. You can create as many templates as required. You create a new campaign by opening an existing template, adding your new content and saving the file.

    • +Which fonts can I choose?

      Sendtex uses fonts that are installed by default on all computers. This prevents your email campaign from appearing differently than intended. Therefore you have a choice of multiplatform fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia and more.

  • +Statistics
    • +Can I export the email addresses of people who clicked on a link?

      People who have clicked on one or more links within your email are part of an important new target group. Therefore you can easily create a new list containing their email addresses using Sendtex. To access this information go to Statistics -> Clicks -> Who clicked? At the top of the list now displayed, click on ’Export to new contact list’. 

    • +Can I see which links were clicked within my email?

      The ’Clicks’ tab will show you a list of all the links in your email and the number of people that have clicked each link. In the ’People’ tab you can see who has clicked which link.

    • +Can I use the statistics to see who has clicked from my campaign?

      Using the ’People’ tab, you can see who opened your campaign and whether this person clicked on one of the links in your email.

    • +Do I receive a list of people who have unsubscribed?

      Under the tab ’Unsubscribed’ you will find the list of contacts who have unsubscribed. These contacts automatically receive the status ’cannot receive mail’. It is best to leave these contacts in your mailing list as this prevents this address being added in a future import, and yet again receiving emails for you. 

    • +What is contained in the summary of statistics?

      The summary of statistics contains the number of messages sent, the number of contacts who have viewed your mail, the number of contacts who clicked on a link in your mail, the number of undeliverable mails and the number of people who unsubscribe.

  • +What you should know about spam
    • +How do I prevent my emails from being marked as spam?

      You can never completely eliminate this problem. If you take into account a number of small points, then your email campaign is less likely to be labelled as ‘suspicious’ by spam filters.

      • Do not put all the words in capital letters, especially in the subject line
      • Avoid the use of punctuation or typical spam words in the subject line AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.
      • Do not use harsh phrases such as “click here now and win!!!”
      • Ensure that text is always more prevalent in your email than images
      • Never send emails that contain only images
      • Keep it sober. Do not use too many different colours, fonts or font sizes
      • Use corrent spelling
      • Limit the number of links in your email

    • +Must I have an unsubscribe link included?

      Yes, an unsubscribe link is required by law. It must be visible in ever email that you send. This is no concern for you as Sendtex automatically creates this, ensuring you are always in line with European legislative requirements.

    • +What does Sendtex do to avoid your emails being sent to spam folders?

      Firstly Sendtex ensures that our reputation as an email platform remains intact, which is crucial. Therefore emails from free accounts are sent, for example, from the domain Therefore? If necessary, fast intervention can occur to maintain our quality status.


      Note: replies sent to your emails do not go to but are automatically delivered to the email address you registered with Sendtex. 

  • +Why Sendtex?
    • +1. Introduction

      When a customer/prospective customer indicates that he can send cheaper e-mail campaigns elsewhere, we certainly invite them to try. After all, we have a couple of unique aspects which more than compensate for the price difference. If there even is one. First of all, a real price comparison is impossible. There are competitors who lure customers with a very low cost per sent email, but that then add costs elsewhere. Consider the initial cost to create an account, subscriptions and other hidden cost factors. 

    • +2. Beneficial

      Next to our very competitive rates, a client should also keep in mind that we provide them with 500 free mails each month. For the majority of our customers the difference between Sendtex and other potential competitors is gone when calculating the extra 500 free credits into the price per credit. 

    • +3. Simple

      Sendtex is so user-friendly that the client (or an employee) will create newsletter in a much more efficient way. That cost never gets brought to the attention of people when considering which program to choose. This is because the employee gets paid either way. But the employee costs is one of the most important costs when setting up an email campaign. The time saved by the employee by using Sendtex can be better spent working on other important tasks. 

    • +4. The Essence

      Sendtex left out of the unnecessary features on purpose. These unnecessary features are features that more than 95% of the users don’t use nor need. This applies to both the more sophisticated options for the layout (for which you would need at graphic designer), as well as the analysis and report functions which is even often too much for the bigger companies. These are all functions which you would have to pay for but never use making them a waste of money and time.


      The most common ‘complaint’ that we hear from customers that have had previous experience with other systems is that there are too many options which ends up just being confusing rather than anything else and also makes the system unnecessarily complex. For them Sendtex is a nice change in pace. 

    • +5. Professional

      The extreme ease of use and professional result at a more than competitive rate is what makes Sendtex so special. Whoever is not convinced that those three aspects make Sendtex stand out from the competition is welcome to compare us to other systems and see it for themselves. Previous experience has taught us that the customers do end up coming back to us.  

    • +6. Customer Orientated

      Finally, Sendtex also offers excellent service. Sendtex needs no explanation, users intuitively find their way and end up making beautiful newsletters without prior knowledge or experience. Yet, it may occasionally occur that a client gets stuck at a certain point. Everyone knows that feeling, where they know the solution is close, but yet do not see it. That is when the very efficient and easily accessible helpdesk can be of use to you. You will be able to immediately continue and will never have the same problem again. 

Do I have to pay 21% VAT?

Are you located in Belgium? Then we will charge you 21% VAT.

Is your company located in the EU (excluding Belgium)? If you enter your business details and a valid European VAT number, we will not charge you VAT.

If you are based outside of the EU (e.g. US) then we will not charge VAT.